TONE 9 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 23, 2020
TONE 9 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q1 TONE 9tracklist
01A Here With Me.mp3
01B Don’t Call Me Up.mp3
02 Post Malone.mp3
03 Because We Can.mp3
04 Higher Love.mp3
05 Piece Of Your Heart.mp3
07 Freedom.mp3
08 Tambulaya.mp3
09 Come On Over.mp3
10 Tough Love.mp3
11 OMG.mp3
12 Good Times Roll.mp3
13 Apata Palace.mp3
14 To Life.mp3
15 Fuego.mp3
16 Sister.mp3
17 Invocation.mp3
2020Q1 TONE 9video screenshot
2020Q1 TONE 9Choreography Booklet.pdfTONE 09 is ‘so fine’! LES MILLS TONE continues
to provide for all fitness levels with Cardio,
Strength and Core work that is energizing,
innovative and intelligent. The shorter tracks,
continued variety of exercises and phenomenal
feel in music and moves are sure to please all and
give you the freedom to design the type of class
to suit your participants demographics. LES MILLS
TONE 09 is about experimenting with different
training concepts to ensure everyone gets the
best results from their workout.
There are multiple key take aways from LES
MILLS TONE 09 including the use of isometric
holds, the benefits of steady-state training for
baseline fitness and then cardio peaks to raise
our baseline, and the continuation of moving
between tracks in the cardio block to encourage
cardiovascular benefits.
The workout kicks off with Don’t Call Me Up and
Post Malone to get everyone warm. Because We
Can is a class favourite; everyone wants to can
can! Track 9’s Come On Over Cardio / Strength
track with the Heel Lifted Squat with Chest Press
is a highlight and Track 14’s Core track has the
amazing feels of Thoracic Twist with a Figure 8
and the return of the hot Halo/Woodchop.
A super fun interactive Core track is provided
to enhance the smile factor amongst your class.
Always keep in mind, you have the choice to
coach plates and bands as options or choose
to mix it up. For example, use bands for a few
classes and then plates. The switch-up can be a
way to keep your classes physically and mentally
fresh for your participants. LES MILLS TONE 09
is intelligent in design with plenty of innovations
for a cross-training effect for ‘fit for life’ longevity.
Let’s dive in.


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