BODY PUMP 113 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 23, 2020
BODY PUMP 113 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q1 BODY PUMP 113tracklist
01 When In Rome.mp3
02 It’s Gonna Be Alright (Netsky & t1r Remix).mp3
03 Hope For The Underrated Youth.mp3
04 Don’t Kill My High (Squalzz Remix).mp3
05 Post Malone.mp3
06 Better As One.mp3
07 When The Lights Go Down.mp3
08 It Goes Like.mp3
09 Mad Love.mp3
10 The Greatest.mp3
12 BP45B Somebody Else.mp3
13 A9 Take Me Home.mp3
2020Q1 BODY PUMP 113video screenshot
2020Q1 BODY PUMP 113Choreography Booklet.pdf
Position Setup
• SET Position
• Chest up, abs braced
• Knees bent
Execution Setup
• Start with more knee bend and use the legs to
drive the bar up
• Keep elbows above the bar during Upright
Row phase
• Bar close to the body, lift to lower chest
• Drop under the bar, bending the knees
• Clean the bar and hold in front of the
• Press to the top
• Use the legs to drive the bar up
• Abs braced as you press above the head
• Elbows slightly forward
• Bend the legs again, return to SET Position
• Bring the elbows up and over to lower the bar
Fast elbows under the bar. Lift your T-shirt with
the bar. Catch bar high on the chest and drive out
of the legs.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Position Setup
• SET Position
• Slight bend in the knees (20 degrees)
• Chest up, abs braced
• Elbows to rear – light pinch between the
shoulder blades
• Tip forward from the hips, keeping the
chest lifted
• Chin tucked in
Execution Setup
• Bar to the knees
• Bar into the belly button
• Squeeze between the shoulder blades
Layer 2
• Slide the bar up your thighs
• Squeeze the shoulder blades together
• Bend the legs for more stability and sit into
the butt
• Keep the shoulders away from the ears
Emphasizing a squeeze between the shoulder
blades will ensure that we engage the scapula
retractors and reduces the tendency for
participants merely to hinge backward from the
shoulder joint during the Row. These muscles are
key stabilizers of the shoulder and help prevent


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