BODY ATTACK 109 DVD & mp3 download

By   June 30, 2020
BODY ATTACK 109 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q2 BODY ATTACK 109tracklist
01 Dance Monkey (Nick Skitz & Basslouder Remix Edit).mp3
02 Move (Showtek Edit).mp3
03 Truth Hurts.mp3
04 Dafuq.mp3
05 Badmash.mp3
06 Daddy Cool 2020 (Extended Mix).mp3
07 Ring.mp3
08 Do You Want It Right Now (Topmodelz Remix Edit).mp3
09 We Are Fighters (Radio Edit).mp3
10 Romantico Starlight.mp3
11 Perfect.mp3
EXP 05 Badmash.mp3
2020Q2 BODY ATTACK 109video screenshot
2020Q2 BODY ATTACK 109Choreography Booklet.pdf
The creative process for this round included a
group of trainers and instructors from all around
the world. A special thank you to this team of
people who trialed and gave their feedback.
Bevan James Eyles (New Zealand)
George Inwood (New Zealand)
Adam Bramski (United States)
Dan Maroun (United States)
Robert van Dien (Netherlands)
Arthur Gerards (Netherlands)
Jacquie Conder (Australia)
Florence O’Connell (Ireland)

BODYATTACK 109 is here to help you deliver the
fun, challenge and energy that your members
have grown to love. We open the class with a fun,
chart-topping Warm-up to get people moving
and loving exercise. We turn up the work in
Mixed Impact with some great athletic combos
to make even the newest participant feel sporty.
To help continue developing the team-feel of
BODYATTACK, use the split-room formation in
Plyometric to deliver a competitive feel.
Mixed Strength has a cool musical sound that
delivers intensity to both upper and lower body
muscles. The focus this track is all the integrated
movements which are more functional. To reset
the body, we enter the Running track with
eagerness to get the body moving. Enjoy the
Lunge combos that slowly bring your members
back to the working zone. Speaking of working
zone… Tuck Jumps in Agility? Always remember
to teach to your members in the room and focus
on what they can do, not what they can’t.
Finish the release off with some fun in Intervals,
singing along with the uplifting beat and then
push your members hard in the Corner Run
combos in the Power track. I appreciate all you do
and I am so excited to continue to help you share
the #bodyattacklove. Until next time…

BODYATTACK now has two 45-minute formats
to choose from. The first four tracks remain the
same. Then you can choose the Running track or
the Interval track in the second cardio block.
OPTION 1 is best for clubs where BODYATTACK
is a new program and for clubs that are more
sports-inclined. It has a great athletic and fun vibe
featuring simpler moves.
OPTION 2 is wonderful for facilities where
BODYATTACK has been a staple program for
years. It’s great for clubs that are transitioning
from the traditional 55-minute to 45-minute
format and want to keep the uplifting, highenergy feel of the Aerobic dimension.
Feel free to alternate between both format
options to gauge what’s best for your participants
and facilities. However, please note that you
cannot change from the existing formats for the
45-minute workout. You must stay with the tracks
in the set order.
NOTE: Track 8 Intervals is filmed


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