BODY JAM 93 DVD & mp3 download

By   June 30, 2020
BODY JAM 93 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q2 BODY JAM 93tracklist

01 ROMPE.mp3
02 Graveyard (Axwell Remix).mp3
03 Famalay.mp3
04 Black And Yellow.mp3
05 Bed Squeak.mp3
06 Best I Ever Had.mp3
07 Baddest Things.mp3
08 Stage Party.mp3
09 I Can’t Get Enough.mp3
10 Blanco.mp3
11 Bawdy.mp3
12 My Type (Dillon Francis Dance Remix).mp3
13 OMEN.mp3
14 The Motto.mp3
15 I Will Stay.mp3
16 Sun Down.mp3

2020Q2 BODY JAM 93video screenshot
2020Q2 BODY JAM 93Choreography Booklet.pdf
BODYJAM 93 is here and this is the one where
Gandalf switches everything up… cause, guess
what, I did!!
I want BODYJAM to always feel fresh for
participants, to be exciting for you to get, watch
and learn, so I’m going to go spelunking down all
sorts of crazy new dance caves.
Track 1 is straight Reggaeton fire with the classic
banga ROMPE to start moving the body and work
isolations, before we hit Track 2, from now on
referred to as HYPE track (great name, huh?). It’s
where we turn up the tempo, crank the euphoria
and go just a little nuts.
Then we hit the first block (Make Di Sound Bang)
and we’re bouncing between Soca, Trap, Hip
Hop, freaking humungous feels drops and simple,
stylish choreography that the world is gonna love.
Famalay is amazing, fast energy, with beautiful
positive vibes, then the classic Black And Yellow
changes up the direction – speaking of which,
try this track with our all-new innovation Flip It In
Track 5 is most likely gonna wake your neighbors
up, then we lay down the soul with Best I Ever
Had, where the music is slow but the feels are
Baddest Things in Track 6 might have the biggest
drops of all time, before the feel-good vibes of
Stage Party hype your class to another level.
Drop the heart rate with the gorgeous I Can’t Get
Enough, before the second half’s Hip Hop and
ooohhhh weee it’s a good one.
Blanco is maybe the best song of the release,
Dawdy has got this Shoulder Roll Arm Swing
combo that is so slick, then My Type comes
on and you’ll see the faces in the room get all
screwed up cause they love it nasty.
Omen changes up the feel for longer lifted armlines, then The Motto will have your peoples lipsyncing while they Jam.
Then the last track, I Will Stay, is 9 minutes long –
Yes, it’s that good.


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