CXWORX 39 DVD & mp3 download

By   June 30, 2020
CXWORX 39 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q2 CXWORX 39tracklist
01 One Touch.mp3
02 Playing With Fire.mp3
03 Goin’ Harder.mp3
04 This Is How We Do It.mp3
05 Young.mp3
06 Making Moves.mp3
B4 Pon De Replay.mp3
B5 Good To Go.mp3
2020Q2 CXWORX 39video screenshot
2020Q2 CXWORX 39Choreography Booklet.pdf
If integrating multiple muscles, full-range
movements, fun, core strength and stability was
the game plan, then CXWORX Release 39 hits the
spot perfectly.
Release 39 has some incredible standout
moments. Track 2 showcases jumping Planks that
will ignite the core, at the same time teaching the
core muscles to fire and freeze to help stabilize
the trunk, creating a carry-over effect to lifetraining.
Track 3 has a new Lunge Chop which will fire
the slings fast, all set to the incredible sound of
Goin’ Harder. Participants favorite was throwback:
This Is How We Do It for Track 4 – the song will
take away some of the sting.
Track 5 has a Circuit feel: 3 exercises = 2 rounds =
6 sets of work – all to chisel the obliques!
We can’t forget the fun and Cool Bonus tracks this
round. If you’re looking for extra intensity, these
are the tracks!
As always, let us know what you think!

01. ONE TOUCH 3:22 mins
Focus on bringing your participants into the
correct position, from the very beginning of the
track. They should feel how the abdominal brace
will help keep their lower back towards the floor
as they move. This track has great moves to get
the core ready for the workout ahead. Coach
clear Layer 1 Position and Execution cues so
participants can easily follow you and not miss
any transitions. Remember: This is your time to
get everyone into the core mindset, so approach
with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
Engaging abs to press lower back towards the
• Arms at sides, palms up
• Anchor shoulders to the floor
• Knees directly over hips
• Abs braced to keep lower back pressed
towards the floor
• Toes tap lightly
• Shins stay parallel


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