GRIT 33 DVD & mp3 download

By   June 30, 2020
GRIT 33 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q2 GRIT 33tracklist

01 Power.mp3
02 Now Til Infinity.mp3
03 Bout To Get Real_Making History.mp3
04 Mambara_Making Moves.mp3
05 Azumba.mp3
06 1988 (The Allergies Remix).mp3
07 Pearl Magnolia.mp3

01 Got Me.mp3
02 Magalenha.mp3
03 Within Sight_1995.mp3
04 Flick and Tricks_Ni de Cona.mp3
05 Breaking Fire.mp3
06 Rumbla.mp3
07 Catch My Breath.mp3
08 Pearl Magnolia.mp3

01 Power.mp3
02 Now Til Infinity.mp3
03 Supadupakulavibe.mp3
04 Moon Bounce.mp3
05 Victorious.mp3
06 Azumba.mp3
07 AVA.mp3
08 1988 (The Allergies Remix).mp3
09 Pearl Magnolia.mp3

2020Q2 GRIT 33video screenshot
2020Q2 GRIT 33Choreography Booklet.pdf
Hey guys! LES MILLS GRIT Strength 33 is literally
set to rock your socks off! Release 32 had a
really creative structure, so we have flipped it – a
simple structure to give your class an opportunity
to pick up and perform the movement patterns
well, before applying power and speed to get
that amazing heart rate kick! Heads up – those
EMOMs are fire!
Every GRIT release is designed to be challenging
and to get your members working harder and
faster than they usually would outside of this
class. So let’s really encourage those extra reps
and lift in intensity to make sure they get the true
HIIT effect and all the benefits that come from it!
Erin and the LES MILLS GRIT crew
Moderate to heavy barbell and two free
weight plates of the same size. Anyone new
to GRIT should use lighter plates first; 2.5kg is
Aim to be super inclusive and inviting. Welcome
anyone new and explain the workout and the
expectations. Always tell members at the start of
the class that this workout is for them and they
can dial up or down whatever they need to. The
bar can be switched out for the plate or body
weight at any time. A great mindset to get into
at the start of each workout is to remember to
teach to the whole team so everyone can feel

01. POWER 3:28mins
GRIT Strength 33 has some great twists on
old structures. This Warm-up really gives you
the chance to get everyone comfortable with
the barbell early! Simple coaching and great
movement will get the heart rate up and the
barbell patterns nailed for the rest of the workout
• Feet under hips
• Long step back
• Back knee towards floor
• Twist from center of the chest
• Front thigh parallel to floor
• Front knee out to track middle of foot
• Chest lifted, hips square, abs braced
• Feet just outside hip-width
• Hips back and down
• Knees out over toes
• Butt to knee height
• Chest lifted
• Bar on meaty part of upper back
• Feet under hips
• Long step back
• Back knee towards floor
• Front thigh parallel to floor
• Front knee out to track middle of foot
• Chest lifted, abs braced


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