TONE 10 DVD & mp3 download

By   June 30, 2020
TONE 10 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q2 TONE 10tracklist
01 Make It Look Easy.mp3
02 Alors On Danse.mp3
03 Dont Wanna Dance (Novodor Remix).mp3
04 Magelenha.mp3
05 Faith.mp3
06 Bashment Ting.mp3
07 Majesty.mp3
08 Blinding Lights.mp3
09 This Groove (Codeko Remix).mp3
10 Bump It.mp3
11 Stronger.mp3
12 Never Change.mp3
13 Aprieta.mp3
14 Higher.mp3
15 Gasolina.mp3
16 Juice.mp3
17 20 25.mp3
A10 Ah, You Do It Right.mp3
A11 Work It Hard.mp3
2020Q2 TONE 10video screenshot
2020Q2 TONE 10Choreography Booklet.pdfWe’re thrilled to kick-off 2020 with TONE 10, a
milestone release! TONE 10 features simple, easyto-learn choreography, combined with hot music
and intelligence in the design of cardio, strength
and core training!
So, here’s some of the release’s highlights…
TONE posture: Posture is paramount for safe
and effective movement quality. There is a big
focus on setting up TONE posture, weaving it in
and reinforcing it throughout the workout and
coaching participants to move with excellent
technique for safety and results.
many training styles used, featuring classic
training methods and the hottest trends in group
fitness. In the Cardio section, there’s tracks that
offer progressive heart rate lift, steady state
training and HIIT. Strength includes as well as
traditional strength exercises and unique balance
and functional training to work multiple planes
of movement. Also included is Core training in
standing and lying down positions to focus on all
aspects of the core, deep and superficial muscles,
rotational muscles, the posture muscles of the
back chain of the body and the muscles that
surround the hips.
SPEED of movement: Faster – Here we go!
TONE 10 features an opportunity to move faster
in our Cardio tracks than in some of our previous
releases. This highlight of TONE 10 creates
options for your participants, enabling you to
cater to those looking for the extra cardio burst.
Alors on Dance Track 2 – Interval Warm-up –
Showcase all options: This Warm-up is paced so
well to showcase all the different options TONE
has to offer. It’s such a phenomenal opportunity
for you to set the scene and educate participants
that the class will be using a mixture of options
and based on their specific needsMagalenha Track 4 – Cardio – Contrast of
moves: This track has amazing contrast in moves
with the grounded slow Lateral Lunge with Side
Crunch and dynamic Palm Presses. This is a cool
opportunity to demonstrate the variety TONE
Faith Track 5 – Cardio/Running – Inspirational:
This running/jogging/marching track is set
to super inspirational music and gives your
participants a wonderful cardio burst. If your room
does not accommodate this track, you have the
choice not to use it or be creative with the space
that you have in your studio.
Majesty Track 7 – Cardio on training to
‘Breathless’ – Role model Technique and


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