BODY JAM UNITED DVD & mp3 download

By   August 29, 2020
BODY JAM UNITED DVD & mp3 download
2020Q3 BODY JAM UNITED tracklist

01 Verde.mp3
02 Don’t Start Now.mp3
03 Don’t Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix).mp3
04 Who Am I (What’s My Name).mp3
05 Clap For Em.mp3
06 Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na).mp3
07 Amarillo.mp3
08 Hold On We’re Going Home.mp3
09 Two Zero.mp3
10 Know Your Worth.mp3
11 Levi High.mp3
12 Where Are U Now (Marshmello Remix).mp3
13 Bump It Up.mp3
14 Move (If You Wanna).mp3
15 Shellz.mp3
16 Take U There.mp3
17 Butterfly Effect.mp3
18 In Your Eyes.mp3

2020Q3 BODY JAM UNITED video screenshot
2020Q3 BODY JAM UNITED Choreography Booklet.pdfBODYJAM UNITED
This is BODYJAM UNITED, so let’s come together
in these super tough times and turn the music
up, take off our pants and dance harder than
ever before. You’re going to see such talented
beautiful faces from all around the world, different
cultures and smiles, that love to dance just as
much as you do. I suggest you open your heart to
helping those possibly less fortunate than you and
do what you can to create some much needed
equality for all.
Shout out to Apple, Arnold, Bryan, Charlotte,
Claude, Fabien, Fabienne, Fetty, Jaime, Johnson,
Jonathan, Phil, Reina, Shey, Uchop, West and
Willie for helping me tear up this latest release
and show the world what BODYJAM means to
Track 1 is gorgeous – laid back reggaeton for
you to get your 7 Tap on to. Our brand new
Hype track is a melodic pop mash-up of disco
The first block is straight Hip Hop, starting
out with the classics (bow wow wow yippee
yeoooooowwwww), into some brand new
hotness, remixing classics all in the one
Hip Hop is designed to be simple, full of feel and
easy for you to learn as you get to pick up some
brand new JAM to bring to your members (who
are probably craving some gym time right about
Bring the heart rate down with the stunning
new track Know Your Worth before all the songs
I’ve ever wanted to use in BODYJAM are here!
don’t understand how I can have so many haters,
knowing I’m their father like my name is YES YES
Take the second block home with the classic Take
U There, before Butterfly Effect will have your
class soaring, connected to drops and melodics
unheard of in any Group Fit class.
BODYJAM UNITED is here, it’s fierce, get used
to it. Right now is the perfect time to use some
dance to open up our hearts to our fellow humans
and do what we can to help somebody, anybody.
Try fill the world with more love


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