THE TRIP 22 DVD & mp3 download

By   August 29, 2020
THE TRIP 22 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q2 THE TRIP 22 video screenshot
2020Q2 THE TRIP 22 Choreography Booklet.pdf
TRIP TEAM Choreography – Les Mills Jnr
Chief Creative Officer – Dr Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Les Mills Jnr
Product Manager – Chris Richardson
Technical Consultant – Bryce Hastings
Presenter – Chris Richardson
Production Coordinator – Amber Pountney
This release comes to you during one of the most
turbulent and unsettling periods of our lives.
We acknowledge this and we hope you have the
opportunity to share this release with your friends
and loved ones.
The workout is made up of four phases.
Phase 1 lures us in and gets us ready – we ride
through the outskirts of a village and into the
grounds of a wonderful palace which is home to a
keyhole that takes us into a tunnel.
Once out of the tunnel we begin Phase 2 which
begins with four minutes of continuous riding
flow. From there the challenges keep coming and
the music keeps building.
Phase 3 will be familiar to some of us as we
remix a familiar track from our very first THE TRIP
release. The Hype is real, the beats are big, and
the workout is even bigger.
We complete the ride with Phase 4 which sees us
back where we started.
Once again you will notice the Masterclass has
taken on a different look. We hope this shift is
enhancing your ability to learn, and for us it is
providing an opportunity to connect with you in a
more personal and inclusive way. For live classes
simply create plenty of opportunities to turn
around and connect with your riders just like we
do talking to you through the camera.
Finally on behalf of the entire crew here at Les
Mills we want to thank you for your ongoing
support. We sincerely love having you on this
journey with us.


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