BODY PUMP UNITED DVD & mp3 download

By   August 29, 2020
BODY PUMP UNITED DVD & mp3 download
2020Q3 BODY PUMP UNITED tracklist
01 Better Off Without You.mp3
02 Oh My My.mp3
03 Sway With Me.mp3
04 Pray.mp3
05 Stupid Love.mp3
06 Billionaire.mp3
07 Gold.mp3
08 Break It Down.mp3
09 Maldad.mp3
10 Sanctuary.mp3
BP45 A Turnt Up.mp3
BP45 B As One.mp3
2020Q3 BODY PUMP UNITED video screenshot
2020Q3 BODY PUMP UNITED Choreography Booklet.pdfBODYPUMP UNITED is a simple and effective
training workout – light weights and high
repetitions, the essence of the program.
The Warm-up is smooth and uplifting. Focus on
pulling the bar in toward the body in the Deadlift
and Upright Row to ensure a clean pathway for
the Clean & Press. The bar is light so it is a good
time to smooth out technique.
In the Squat track we only work the Wide
and Wider stances so muscle focus is on the
glutes and hips which is perfect for athletic
development. Pausing in the bottom range will
create time under tension and increase muscle
activation therefore building strength and tone.
The perfect balance!
The Chest track is a superset of Pushups and
Chest Press. Pushups recruit the whole body in
stabilizing the movement which pre fatigues the
chest and shoulders before we work with the
bar. This means the intensity will be high and the
results super fast.
High intensity training with a bar in the Back track!
Multiple Clean & Presses drives the heart rate and
activates the whole athletic chain. Pulling the bar
in toward your body activates the upper back as
you Deadlift and Deadrow. This ensures a smooth
bar path for the Clean & Presses – important as
you start to fatigue during the big sets.
In the Tricep track we integrate the core in the
Pushup and Side Plank Rotation combination.
The Bicep track is basic but intense with a Wide
Triple Bicep Row to relieve muscle tension – great
training for the arms!
Static Lunges, static Lunges, static Lunges.
Isolation and strength – you asked for this!
Supersets of dynamic Pushups, Side Raises and
Rear Deltoid Fly’s will mean the shoulders get a
well-rounded workout.
Drawing your belly in and bracing as you press
your lower back towards the floor engages the
lower abdominals for core training. A strong core
builds a strong body.
This is a great workout. Simple, integrative and
basic lifting – enjoy


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