BARRE UNITED DVD & mp3 download

By   August 29, 2020
BARRE UNITED DVD & mp3 download
2020Q3 BARRE UNITED tracklist
01 Caelum Meum.mp3
02 Physical.mp3
03 Paradise.mp3
04 Runaway (U&I).mp3
05 I’ve Got You Under My Skin.mp3
06 Keep The Faith.mp3
07 Show Yourself.mp3
08 LASSAYE.mp3
A3 Soda Crop.mp3
B1 Bounce Back.mp3
B3 Birthday.mp3
B9 Intentions.mp3
2020Q3 BARRE UNITED video screenshot
2020Q3 BARRE UNITED Choreography Booklet.pdf
01. CAELUM MEUM 4:27mins
This track is quiet and relaxed so try to match
this with your delivery style. Use cues that allow
your participants to feel and experience the
movements in a graceful, quiet way. Try using a
softer voice to enhance this very gentle welcome
to the workout.
Start with Layer 1:
• Great foundation posture
• Knees over toes
• Glutes engaged
• Weight slightly forward
• Postural muscles active
• Stop the knees at 90 degrees
• Shoulders back and down even as arms come
• Neck long
Enhance with Layer 2:
• Lift the chest and feel the back body work
• Check knees are over toes and adjust if they
are not aligned
Start with Layer 1:
• Hips square
• Push out through the foot to the tip of the toes
• Maintain foundation posture
• Engage entire lower body
Enhance with Layer 2:
• Squeeze the standing hip in and up to
maintain strong alignment
• Brace the core and feel the work in the entire
lower body
Start with Layer 1:
• Hips square
• Core braced
• Press out through the side of the foot and pull
back with the little toe leading the press
Enhance with Layer 2:
• Use the thighs and glutes to assist – draw the
core up tighter and feel how it helps


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