BODY STEP 121 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 18, 2020
BODY STEP 121 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q4 BODY STEP 121 tracklist

01 Came Here For Love.mp3
02 1234 (Club Edit).mp3
03 Motivation.mp3
04 Burn_Welcome To The Black Parade.mp3
05 In Cold Blood.mp3
06 Comin’ In Hotta.mp3
07 Just Watch Me Now.mp3
08 Greenlight_Golddust_The Spook.mp3
09 This Is It.mp3
10 Mother’s Daughter (Wuki Remix).mp3
11 Know Your Worth.mp3

2020Q4 BODY STEP 121 video screenshot
2020Q4 BODY STEP 121 Choreography Booklet.pdf
I’m excited for you all to experience this new
BODYSTEP release.
There’s something for everyone in this class. The
music selection & exercise content will drive you
to hit the athletic parts of the class with energized
power. We contrast the strong feel with uplifting
fun tracks to keep you smiling as you workout.
We warm up to the sweet sounds of Came Here
For Love and 1234, where the lyrics of the songs
dictate some arm lines and foot work.
We reach Peak 1 to the song Motivation, and it
has a fun signature move where you turn around
when the lyrics say ‘turn around’
In the Mixed Strength track, we add Squats,
Burpees and Mountain Climbers to the mix in
a cross training affect to the workout. There are
also standing options available for the Burpees to
keep this class inclusive for all participants.
Peak 2 has a strong athletic feel, to the song
In Cold Blood. This was a song that I often
worked out to at home through the New Zealand
Covid-19 lockdown. I loved it so much that I
had a high energy remake especially made for
Next up is Conditioning 1, where we achieve
cardio recovery as we create some heat in the
lower body to Comin’ In Hotta.
Then it’s show time with the Party Step, where you
have the opportunity to strike poses whenever
you hear the camera click.
The Athletic Circuit is next. Do you remember The
Spook Returns in release 119? This circuit includes
the OG prequel song The Spook. Once again, we
have some fun with spooky arm lines as we jump,
to get our heart rates soaring.
And then full steam ahead to the final cardio peak
to This Is It.
We wind the workout down with weighted
posterior chain and core work to Mothers
Daughter and then cool down to Know Your

Mark Nu’u-Steele (New Zealand) is the
BODYSTEP Program Director, a Creative Director
for BODYCOMBAT™, and an International
Presenter for LES MILLS TONE™. He is a former
international and national aerobics competitor,
based in Auckland.
Lisa Osborne (Australia) is Creative Director
for BODYSTEP and Program Director for
BODYATTACK™. She is a former three-time
aerobics world champion and seven-time
Australian aerobics champion, who is based in


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