BODY PUMP 115 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 18, 2020
BODY PUMP 115 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q4 BODY PUMP 115 tracklist

01 Hold Me Close.mp3
02 Green Light.mp3
03 Work.mp3
04 Another Way.mp3
05 Break My Heart.mp3
06 Skip Jump Stomp.mp3
07 Faith.mp3
08 I Can Flex.mp3
09 Wildflower.mp3
10 I Love You’s.mp3
BP45 A Young Gods.mp3
BP45 B Free Your Mind.mp3

2020Q4 BODY PUMP 115 video screenshot
2020Q4 BODY PUMP 115 Choreography Booklet.pdfWIDE-STANCE SQUAT
Position Set-up
• Heel–toe wider than
Mid Stance
• Bring your elbows forward under the bar to
create strength through the upper back
Execution Set-up
• Hips sit back and down
• Knees track over toes
• Chest lifted, abs braced
• Butt stops just above knee at 90 degrees
Layer 2
• Push through your heels as you rise, to activate
the glutes
• Push floor apart with your feet
• Squeeze the butt on the way up
WIDE Stance
Position Set-up
• Hands outside shoulder-width
• Abs braced
• Back long and straight
Execution Set-up
• Lower chest to elbow level
Layer 2
• Drive the floor/bench away
3. Kneeling 1. On toes 2. On knees
Position Setup
• Feet hip-width apart
• Abs braced, chest up
• Shoulders away from ears
• Plates facing each other
Execution Setup
• Lower elbows to top of bench
• Elbows in
• Push plates out to Wide Press
• Elbows slightly bent
• Elbows level with the top of the bench
Layer 2
• Hitting all of the pec muscles
• Feel the contrast in the narrow and wide

Position Set-up
• Heels under hips
• Toes turned out slightly
• Knees soft
• Hands thumb-distance from
• Gently draw the belly in
and brace the abs
• Lift the chest
• Lift the shoulders up, roll them back and
draw the blades down towards the spine
• Chin tucked in
Overhand Grip
Position Set-up
• SET Position
• Slight bend in the knees (20 degrees)
• Chest lifted, abs braced
• Elbows to rear – slight pinch between the
shoulder blades
• Chin tucked in
Execution Set-up
• Tip forward from the hips, keeping the
chest lifted
• Bar to knees
• Chin tucked in – eyes forward, 6½ feet
(2 meters) in front
Layer 2
• Tension between shoulder blades all the way
• Squeeze your hamstrings and glutes on the
way up
• Heels grounded


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