BODY JAM 94 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 18, 2020
BODY JAM 94 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q4 BODY JAM 94 tracklist
01 Volar (Valentino Khan Remix).mp3
02 Wanna Go Dancin’.mp3
03 Rack City.mp3
04 Fuego Del Calor.mp3
05 Headsprung.mp3
06 Bruk It Down.mp3
07 Tap In_Tap In (Instrumental).mp3
08 Not Looking Back.mp3
09 Baila Conmigo.mp3
10 Panini (DaBaby Remix).mp3
11 Conch Shell.mp3
12 How Low.mp3
13 Illuminate (Extended Remix).mp3
14 Trust Nobody.mp3
15 Bad Girls.mp3
16 Work Out.mp3
2020Q4 BODY JAM 94 video screenshot
2020Q4 BODY JAM 94 Choreography Booklet.pdf
BODYJAM 94 tis the perfect occasion to brace
that core harder than ever before, soften the
knees, and over toes of course, cause we’re really
gonna push and stretch and test the literal gravity
around you to the limit, because this release,
labeled 100% correct, is HOW LOW CAN YOU
Track one is that gorgeous new chill drop style
of our new format, followed by the sassiest sass
pants HYPE track, whacking and cross stepping
through stunning deep house.
Then our first block hits with mega bounce, Rack
city city rack rack city city, where you set up the
style of the whole block. Track 5 is like a Afro Fire
2020 remix of Candy Shop (I think because it is
literally an Afro Fire 2020 remix of Candy Shop)
before the banger that is Headsprung will have
you feeling Timberland up with the tick in your
Track 6 brings in some viral Horn action to make
everybody smile, then Tap In brings us all sorts of
other delightful bottom delights. Plenty of space
to wiggle.
Then the last song is called Not Looking Back and
the drop will hit you hard in your dance pants (you
have have have to pronounce that last phrase
full Australian, the pants should rhyme with the
dance, or, of course take it full Queen Elizabeth
and say Dahhhnce Pahhhnts so whatever you like
you do you boo.
A cacophony of pineapples slides us through the
recovery track with more bouncy bottom action,
before the second block HOW LOW CAN YOU
GO goes 2020 Hip Hop into a million bpm soca
YOU GO. Illuminate answers the question on
everyones lips “what if G took a combat song
from last round and made everybody Cat Daddy
to it”

Program Director – Gandalf Archer Mills
Chief Creative Officer – Dr. Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Diana Archer Mills
Technical Consultants – Bryce Hastings and
Andrew Newmarch
Production Coordinator – Lily Roelofs
Gandalf “G” Archer Mills (New Zealand) is
Program Director for BODYJAM. He is based in
Auckland and has dedicated his life to dance,
performance and teaching.
Bianca Ikinofo (New Zealand) is an award-winning
urban/hip-hop dancer who has performed all
around the globe. She has worked on a TV
show and commercials and is a choreographer
for BODYJAM and SH’BAM. She is based in


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