SPRINT 21 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 18, 2020
SPRINT 21 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q4 SPRINT 21 tracklist

01 Burn_Get Up_So You Want Drums_Automata.mp3
02 Burn_Get Up_So You Want Drums_Automata.mp3
03 In Your Eyes.mp3

2020Q4 SPRINT 21 video screenshot
2020Q4 SPRINT 21 Choreography Booklet.pdfIn this release we share our passion for
HIIT training through amazing music and
choreography. Its modern music, powerful and
pure HIIT training creates yet another fantastic
class. It is a simple release with just two tracks –
Yes, that’s right, TWO tracks: Mixed Conditioning
1 and Mixed Conditioning 2.
We kick straight into Mixed Conditioning 1! What,
no Accelerated Warm-up?!
Treat the first two blocks of this track as an
Accelerated Warm-up, which will get us into
the training zone quickly before we hit it hard in
Strength in the third block. With both long and
quick jumps, we hit these first two Power blocks
hard as we prime the body ready for Strength.
We then move into two continuous Strength
efforts that will burn the legs and genuinely test
our fitness. In these two blocks we have short
Accelerations of Strength Power, where we move
ahead of the beat, pushing that Heavy Load
which will really challenge you.
Sprints are up next. We have 4x 30-second efforts
to challenge the nervous system, the goal is to
move as quick as you can, it’s only short so what
have you got to loose?
Finish this first Mixed Conditioning track with 2x
80 seconds of power. Your goal here is to take
it to the max in the Accelerations, challenge
yourself – you’ll get fitter for it! The overall focus
for this track, is to find top Intensity and work as
hard as you can.

To ensure everyone’s safety during Floor
Coaching, we suggest the following tips be
1. Use of non–slip MTB–style cycle shoes (like
the Reebok cycle shoes worn by the Presenter
team) and/or non–slip flooring
2. Clear pathways to walk through and access
bikes and enter/exit the stage
3. Remember to avoid manually adjusting
participants’ Load
4. If there is not adequate space to move safely,
and the floor is slippery, we recommend you
coach from your bike until these concerns can be
Glen Ostergaard (New Zealand) is Program
RPM. He began his group fitness career with
BODYATTACK and is based in Auckland.
Bas Hollander (The Netherlands) is a LES MILLS
LES MILLS TONE Trainer/Presenter/Ambassador
and a BORN TO MOVE Trainer/Presenter. He is
also LMI’s Education Director, based in Auckland.
Tell us what you think of this release.
Visit lesmills.com/release-feedback
L-R: Bas Hollander and Glen Ostergaard


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