TONE 13 DVD & mp3 download

By   May 11, 2021
TONE 13 DVD & mp3 download
2021Q2 TONE 13 tracklist

01 Looking For Me.mp3
02 Follow.mp3
03 Beggin’.mp3
04 Nobody.mp3
05 Head & Heart.mp3
06 OPEN UP.mp3
07 Fiesta!.mp3
08 This Is Real.mp3
09 How Could I Ever.mp3
10 Fire.mp3
11 Pretty Shining People (Jack Wins Remix).mp3
12 Brisa.mp3
13 Sundown.mp3
14 Come See About Me.mp3
A5 Pink Clouds And Fairy Dust.mp3

2021Q2 TONE 13 video screenshot
2021Q2 TONE 13 Choreography Booklet.pdf
Hi team!
We have absolutely loved putting this release
together. We have the amazing privilege to be in
New Zealand, so we have been lucky enough to
gather for concept sessions and run-throughs. This
has made for a collaborative feeling in the class
and plenty of ideas coming together to form the
Focuses this time include a lot of lateral work in the
Cardio block, with some exciting new explosive
moves for you to surprise (and hopefully delight)
your participants with. We have a lot of balance
work in the Strength block, and then a lot of
integrated core throughout.
A new type of track has emerged – Cardio, Strength
& Core in one…give it a try and let us know what
you think!

It’s all about options and choice! You have the
freedom to mix and match tracks to enable you
to create a unique class for your participants.
This allows you to tailor the class to the people in
front of you. This is what LES MILLS TONE is all
about! The only thing we ask is that when mixing
and matching the 45-minute formats, you always
remember to replace like for like. For example,
make sure you replace a Cardio track with another
Cardio track or a Strength track with another
Strength track. Be mindful of creating contrast
in the movements and music. Have fun and play
around with it!
To create the 30-minute format of LES MILLS
TONE, you have the freedom to choose your
tracks as long as they fit the time. Just make sure
you have a good balance of training and choose
the tracks that best suit your class.
8-10 mins Warm-up


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