CORE 42 DVD & mp3 download

By   May 11, 2021
CORE 42 DVD & mp3 download
2021Q2 CORE 42 tracklist
01 Something’s Got To Give.mp3
02 A Little Less Conversation.mp3
03 All Around The World (La La La).mp3
04 Pretty Savage.mp3
05 Never Change.mp3
06 Mas Que Nada.mp3
B2 Naked (With My Headphones On).mp3
CR45 01 Let Me Love You (DAZZ Remix).mp3
CR45 05 Murda.mp3
CR45 09 Come Over.mp3
2021Q2 CORE 42 video screenshot
2021Q2 CORE 42 Choreography Booklet.pdf

The key to building core strength, endurance and
stability lays within the secret of LES MILLS CORE
release 42.
Power Twisting, Plated Cobras, Halo Slams
& resisted clams are just some of the brilliant
exercises you’ll get to perform, enjoy & master.
When training the muscle of the core, it’s
important to focus on great form, following the
options and alternatives given is a really smart
way to building core stability strength and
The Hover variations in this work out have been
designed to challenge you whilst making you
enjoy every beat the music is pumping at you,
standing up using banded resistance or weight
plates allows you to move to a range that requires
control stability as well as explosiveness.
Core 42 has some amazing motivational and
uplifting music, look out for the bonus tracks
and give the full 45-minute format a go, it’s
challenging yet achievable.
Thanks for the feedback and please keep it
The Les Mills Core team.


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