RPM 90 DVD & mp3 download

By   May 11, 2021
RPM 90 DVD & mp3 download
2021Q2 RPM 90 tracklist
01 Rain On Me.mp3
02 Pretty Shining People (Jack Wins Remix).mp3
03 Rocket Fuel.mp3
04 Another Hit Of Showmanship.mp3
05 Stop Movin’.mp3
06 Children (Edit Mix).mp3
07 Grollow (Extended Mix).mp3
08 Who Am I.mp3
09 If You Want Me To Stay.mp3
2021Q2 RPM 90 video screenshot
2021Q2 RPM 90 Choreography Booklet.pdf 

Throughout the ride, we use different riding
positions. These impose slightly different
demands on the body and the working muscles.
Changing positions brings maximum benefits,
avoids over-stressing the body and brings variety
to the ride, which is an important factor in indoor
Some positions are used at specific Paces or
Resistances as they are designed for speed,
climbing and power recovery. Others are used
with all Paces and Resistance. Your goal is to ride
both effectively and efficiently in each Position
and have your participants do the same.
Before you begin the class use the ‘on-the-bike
quick check’ to make sure you have a slight bend
in your knee at the bottom of your pedal stroke.
Bring your feet to 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Take
out your bottom foot and place your heel over the
pedal. With a straight leg and hips level, your heel
should just touch the pedal – a good seat height
for great force production. If your heel easily
touches the pedal and the knee is bent, then
the seat is too low. If you cannot reach the pedal
without losing your hip alignment, then your seat
is too high. Once you place your foot back in the
pedal/cage, check you have a slight bend in your
knee – the optimal angle is 25 degrees.
With the pedals at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock,
position the saddle so the front knee is in line
with the pedal axle or the top toe strap of the
front pedal. If the knee is back of the pedal axle,
the seat needs to be moved forward. If the knee
is forward of the pedal axle the seat needs to be
moved back.
The handlebar height should be slightly lower or
level with the saddle. Beginners or people with
lower back problems should have the handlebars
slightly higher than the saddle.
In Racing, you should have a 90-degree angle
between your upper arm and your torso. If you
feel like you need to slide forward in the saddle
to create the 90-degree angle, move your
handlebars a little closer.
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