Body attack 103 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 29, 2018
Body attack 103 DVD & mp3 download
2018Q4 Body attack 103 tracklist
01 Rock The Place (Club Mix).mp3
02 Finesse (Remix).mp3
03 Solo (HappyTech Remix Edit).mp3
04 Islands In The Sky (Original Mix).mp3
05 YES.mp3
06 The Riddle Anthem (Jack’n’Mike Festival Mix).mp3
07 Discotek People (Club Mix).mp3
08 Listen To Your Heart (Extended Club Mix).mp3
09 Where Are You 2K17 (Phillerz Remix Edit).mp3
10 Sweet Sensation.mp3
11 High Hopes.mp3
EXP 05 YES.mp3
2018Q4 Body attack 103 videoscreenshot
2018Q4 Body attack 103 Choreography Booklet.pdf
Note: If you have time, use the Cooldown track
to take your class through some stretches.
The EXPRESS version of Track 5 Yes is to be used
for the 30-minutes format only. Please use the full
version for the 45- and 55-minute classes.
Rock This Release! The Coaching notes have
been updated to reflect the 3 Lagen of Coaching
with more clarity. Each block of work now clearly
states which Lagen you should be focusing
on – making it even easier for you to coach
When it comes to mixing up past releases, please
try to teach most tracks from the past 10 releases.
BODYATTACK now has a strong focus on sport
and fitness training, and we want your classes to
reflect the new training concepts and movement
styles. This program is no longer ‘old school’
aerobics – so bear this in mind when making your
track selection.
20 ON, 10 OFF – 12 INTERVALS
MOVE 1: Lunge & Straight Jump Combo = Track 4
MOVE 2: Burpee & Side Lunge Combo = Track 6
MOVE 3: High Knee Run & Air Jack/Tuck Jump
Combo = Track 9
MOVE 4: 2x Frog Jump & Plank Combo = Track 10
Tell us what you think of this release. Visit lesmills.
com/BLAHam so excited to bring you this fun, challenging,
and energizing release. You’re going to love the
awesome presenters and how they bring the
essence of BODYATTACK alive.
The music in this release has great contrast.
Rock the Place gets your members moving with
excitement as they prepare to workout. Track 2
is fun and functional. We want to encourage our
participants to move bigger but feel relaxed and
have fun showing off their own finesse. In Track 3
Aerobic, we leave no one behind as we introduce
the 180º Jumping Jack Turn. I thought it would
be a fun twist on the normal Jumping Jack
patterns. We switch gears quickly for the ultimate
endurance and leg burn challenge in Track 4
Islands in the Sky. Use the Lunge and Squat/
Jump Combo to really get your members feeling
Track 5 Athletic Strength is a good change of
pace as the song is all about attitude but has
some strong muscular endurance challenges with
the quick transitions from upper to lower body
training. Watch out for Track 7 Agility, it has some
addictive beats and more addictive moves as your
members will train coordination in this track. Be
prepared for some traffic jams! Finally, nostalgia
will hit you when Listen to Your Heart kicks in and
your members sing their hearts out to this Interval
anthem. Make sure your members save up
though because Track 9 Power has an awesome
combination of Air Jacks and Side Step or Step
Jumps that will leave your members feeling
As always, have fun, be inspirational but always
inclusive. I want people across the world taking
BODYATTACK to feel empowered to take on life
and excited for the next chance to experience the
class again.


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