RPM 81 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 29, 2018
RPM 81 DVD & mp3 download
2018Q4 RPM 81 tracklist
01 Shotgun.mp3
02 Save Myself (Extended Club Mix).mp3
03 Rescue Me.mp3
04 Magenta Riddim.mp3
05 Tell Me You Love Me (Matrix & Futurebound Remix).mp3
06 Without You My Love (Myon Extended Definitive Mix).mp3
07 I Like It Loud.mp3
08 Have It All.mp3
09 Psycho.mp3
ALT 09 Planetary Eclipse.mp3
2018Q4 RPM 81 videoscreenshot
2018Q4 RPM 81 Choreography Booklet.pdf
RPM 81 kicks off with a soulful, fun, sing-along
Track 1. Shotgun is a nice piece of music to get
the workout going, preparing your body, mind
and soul for the ride.
Track 2, Save Myself, is the kind of track that you
could play every week and you’ll never get sick
of it! It’s got great lyrics, vocals and is so uplifting!
Basically, the music is the driving factor. You just
need to coach the choreography, using your voice
as you build in the Climb, Attack and the fast
Race. Then let the music shine; don’t over-talk
the instrumental in the song as that’s where the
energy is.
Track 3 is Alternative Rock at its best. It creates
a natural and uplifting feel; it’s not forceful –
it’s more of an enticing track. There are many
changes between the slow and fast Climbing
paces, so clear coaching of this will be needed to
make sure your riders hit those different paces.
The curve-ball of the release is Track 4. It’s busy,
with many different Positions, Resistances and
Paces so you’ve gotta be on your game with
knowing the choreography in this track. The RPM
of the track is way slower than normal, so we
are riding ahead of the beat in the seated Pace
phases and on the beat during the recovery. The
music gives you the license to have some fun and
bring out the feel of the song using your body,
face and voice.
Track 5, Tell Me You Love Me, is a ‘wicked’ Drum
‘n’ Bass remix. Pre-load the legs to kick-start the
muscles into gear, and slingshot into the workout!
Track 6 – this is Trance at its best: a full beat, with
beautiful melodies. It creates a romantic heartfelt
feel, with a big lift into the working phases. This
track is about speed endurance. The RPM is
slower than the norm, so that means we can ride
for longer…YES?
Do You Like It Loud? Of course you do! Track 7 is
a classic old-school remix in the mountain to bring
us home. Play with the lyrics and have some fun if
that’s your thing.
There it is…I Want You To Have it All. And you
did! In Track 8 we regroup and allow our heart
rate to come down and re-gather ourselves after
such ‘an awesome’ workout!
RPM 81 is another ‘kicking’ release with great
tunes and a workout to match. Enjoy!


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