SPRINT 14 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 29, 2018
SPRINT 14 DVD & mp3 download
2018Q4 SPRINT 14 tracklist
01 Salute (Original Mix).mp3
02 Gassed Up.mp3
03 Skip To Da Beat.mp3
04 Hot Steppa.mp3
05 Showdown.mp3
06 When We Were Young.mp3
2018Q4 SPRINT 14 videoscreenshot
2018Q4 SPRINT 14 Choreography Booklet.pdfSprint 14 is a heart thumper and features Power
tracks that bookend the workout.
The Accelerated Warmup is super uplifting with
2x positive Power Intervals that set the scene for
HIIT chaos!
Track 2 gets us Gassed Up with our feature 8
round Power Tabata that hits hard and fast. The
up side is we get to do this while we are fresh to
maximize our training results.
We move to Mixed Conditioning in Track 3 which
is a battle of Strength vs. Power, the perfect way
to condition the legs and heart. Which one will
make you work harder? The Skip ToDa Beat song
mixes the Training tempos seamlessly to keep us
in the HIIT zone.
Track 4 comes up and here comes Hot Steppa, with the ultimate Sprints.There are 5 rounds of 45
second Sprints to rev your legs and spike the HR
with max speed.
We follow the Sprints with Power Endurance for
our final feature Power track. It really will be a
Showdown with 8 minutes of HIIT to a killer track.
Expect 3 long blocks that will build anaerobic and
aerobic fitness, burn massive calories, and lean
you up ASAP.
The intensity of this release is off the charts!
Program Director – Glen Ostergaard
Chief Creative Officer – Dr Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Dr Jackie Mills
Technical Consultant – Bryce Hastings
Program Coach – Giles Bryant
Production Coordinator – Courtney Watt
Presenters – Glen Ostergaard, Khiran Huston &
Scott Martin
Special thanks to – Dan Aux, George FM DJ, for
music sourcing and suggestions.
To ensure everyone’s safety during Floor
Coaching we suggest the following tips be
1. Use of non-slip MTB style cycle shoes like the
Reebok cycle shoes worn by the Presenter
team and/or non-slip flooring
2. Clear pathways to walk through and access
bikes and enter/exit the stage
3. Remember to avoid manually adjusting
participants’ Load
4. If there is not adequate space to move safely,
and the floor is slippery, we recommend you
coach from your bike until these concerns can be


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