Body attack 104 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 26, 2019
Body attack 104 DVD & mp3 download
2019Q1 Body attack 104 tracklist
01 High On Life.mp3
02 Make Me Free (Extended Mix).mp3
03 Never Be The Same (RainDropz! Remix).mp3
04 Earthquake (Extended Mix).mp3
05 Boomshakalak (Extended Mix).mp3
06 Let The Music Do The Job (NeoTune! Edit).mp3
07 Partystarter (Extended Mix).mp3
08 Imagine (Original Mix).mp3
09 Bring Me To Life (Pro Mix).mp3
10 Familiar.mp3
11 Born To Be Yours.mp3
EXP 05 Boomshakalak (Extended Mix).mp3
2019Q1 Body attack 104 video screenshot
2019Q1 Body attack 104 Choreography Booklet.pdf
01. HIGH ON LIFE 4:48mins
Use Block 1 to set great posture and movement
and the feel of the track, which is all about being
“high on life!” In Layer 1, use short cues for when
you Coach the Basics.
• Bounce – Feet wide, side to side, hips and
shoulders square to front
• Step Touch – Right and left, chest up, abs
• Bounce & Run – Bounce easy; Run Forward 8,
7, 6. Option: March
In Block 2, encourage your participants to
increase their range of motion for the moves
you’ve done in Block 1. Then make sure to Coach
the Basics for the new moves like the Squat and
the Jumping Jack.
• Step Touch – Start to bend the knees more to
get the legs ready for the workout
• Step Curl – Lift your heel, square your hips to
the front
• Single Squat – 3, 2, down hold. Knees out,
chest up
• Tricep Pushup – Down and up. Elbows in by
ribs, chest to elbow height, back long
• Bounce & Run Combo – Shift your weight side
to side, run forward
• Jumping Jack – Feet go out and in. Add the
arms. Option: Tap side to side
In Layer 3, we Share the Energy and build
excitement for the workout that is coming up. Let
the song shine in certain moments by not talking
over it. Encourage your members to get high on
life with you.
• Step Touch – Easy side to side, relax
• Step Curl – Let’s get warmer through quads
and glutes
• Single Squat – Push your hips back
• Tricep Pushup – Keep the elbows in, on knees
or toes
• Bounce & Run Combo – Yeah! Run forward
and let loose
• Jumping Jack – Feel the energy rise
This song has so much to offer in terms of lyrics.
Listen to it a couple of times so you know what
parts you want to highlight. Pick your favorite
parts and make sure you don’t coach those
moments, so your members can hear what you
love about the song. Use those moments to help
you build pure excitement for the rest of workout.


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