Body attack 105 DVD & mp3 download

By   May 29, 2019
Body attack 105 DVD & mp3 download
2019Q2 Body attack 105 tracklist
01 Out Of This Town (Extended Mix).mp3
02 You Only Talk in hashtag.mp3
03 Cupid Shuffle.mp3
04 On The Ground.mp3
05 Knock Me Down.mp3
06 One Kiss (Bonkerz Remix Edit).mp3
07 Mr Vain (Ste Ingham Remix Edit).mp3
08 Feel U (Radio Edit).mp3
09 Purple People Eater.mp3
10 Kiss and Make Up.mp3
11 Natural.mp3
B1 Heads Up.mp3
EXP 05 Knock Me Down.mp3
2019Q2 Body attack 105 video screenshot
2019Q2 Body attack 105 Choreography Booklet.pdf
Wow, are you in for a treat this release! The music,
the fun, the intensity, and the challenge – there’s
something for every BODYATTACK participant,
veteran and new. Bevan, George, and I really
wanted to highlight the music this release and
also show the playful side of BODYATTACK. It’s
a tough workout, so let the exercises and your
Coaching bring intensity and use your playful side
to show contrast.
The Warmup kicks us off with some fun lyrics and
party arms. Make sure your members get their
hands in the air so that the whole tone of the
class is “fun and energy.” From there, we go right
into Mixed Impact with the song You Only Talk
In #hashtag. Be creative and come up with some
fun hashtags that you can use in your Coaching.
As you move into Aerobic training, your members
will simply love the Cupid Shuffle theme – it’s a
pure karaoke moment for the whole class! Coach
the Run To Corner Combo clearly so they can
enjoy the song and moves.
Competitive team training comes out in the
Plyometric track, so be sure to coach inclusivity
by showing all the different ways participants
can achieve success. The Running track has a
fun Knee, Lunge, Squat Combo designed to get
the blood flowing in the legs and the members
ready to train in the second half. Encourage your
members to take it easy in the Runs, but then to
work in the lower body sequence. This will help
them prepare for the Agility track, where we will
train Speed with Sprints, Power with Single-Leg
Leaps, and Coordination with a 360-degree Squat
Finally, our last two tracks bring different musical
vibes to this release. Interval has awesome
contrast between the recovery and working
phases. Let your Coaching reflect this as well. In
Power, prepare your members for a never-ending
assault to their fitness. The track is difficult, so
please bring in some fun. The song is nostalgic for
some participants and will probably make them
laugh, so channel that as you become the oneeyed,
one-horned, flyin’ Purple People Eater!
Enjoy this release and as always, thank you for
sharing the #bodyattacklove,


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