Body attack 106 DVD & mp3 download

By   September 4, 2019
Body attack 106 DVD & mp3 download
2019Q3 Body attack 106 tracklist
 01 I’m So Excited.mp3
02 7 Rings.mp3
03 Dream & Dance (Club Edit).mp3
04 Psychedelic.mp3
05 Come This Far.mp3
06 Summer Love (BlackBonez Remix Edit).mp3
07 M-O-V-E.mp3
08 For You.mp3
09 Insomnia (Darren Glancy Remix).mp3
10 Nobody Stop Freaks.mp3
11 Walk Me Home.mp3
EXP 05 Come This Far.mp3
2019Q3 Body attack 106 video screenshot
2019Q3 Body attack 106 Choreography Booklet.pdfSimple, athletic, fun, and challenging – those will
be the words you use to describe this release
of BODYATTACK! What better way to start of
BODYATTACK than excited! Coach this Warm up
by being relaxed, silly, and engaging. For Mixed
Impact, you can’t go wrong with this recognizable
Ariana Grande tune. Use the Side Step combo to
really build athletic awareness for your members.
The Pivot Turn in the Aerobic track is something
fun to include for members who can handle the
complexity and feel free to remove it if it’s not for
your tribe.
Wow, get ready to bring the heat in Plyometric.
This track is all about vertical challenges and
lateral challenges. Enjoy the results, you’ll feel
them for days! Athletic Strength and Running
tracks provide great opportunities for your
members to recover, coach this a lot so people
feel successful. As you approach the second half
of class, get ready to M-O-V-E with a great Agility
track. This one focuses on moving fast throughout
the whole track. Get pumped up about the fun
song and strong moves.
A true highlight in this release is Interval. Dive
into the song, the moves, and the silence. Finally
in the Power track, be sure to encourage people
to do any sort of combination as the rounds
progress. This mixed training is all about them!
Enjoy this release, enjoy your members and thank
you for spreading the #bodyattacklove


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