BODY ATTACK 107 DVD & mp3 download

By   November 19, 2019
BODY ATTACK 107 DVD & mp3 download
2019Q4 BODY ATTACK 107 tracklist
01 Take A Chance (Original Mix).mp3
02 What Is It.mp3
03 Wow (Melbourne Bounce Remix) [32 Count Edit].mp3
04 Lose Control (Original Mix).mp3
05 Do It Again.mp3
06 Listen To Your Momma (Extended Mix).mp3
07 Turn It Up (Extended Mix).mp3
08 This Is Love (Extended Mix).mp3
09 Pump Up The Jam (Extended Mix).mp3
10 Survivor (Extended Mix).mp3
11 Brave.mp3
EXP 05 Do It Again.mp3
2019Q4 BODY ATTACK 107 video screenshot
2019Q4 BODY ATTACK 107 Choreography Booklet.pdf
Wow, are you guys in for a big treat this
round. BODYATTACK 107 has some unique
moves, exciting innovations, and the same fun,
energizing, and challenging workout you expect.
We start with the Warmup where you should have
fun, enjoy the uplifting feeling but most of all,
relax and smile. As you move into Mixed Impact,
dial up the fun and the effort. Feel the contrast
between the light and silly Runs and the athletic
and strong Pulse Squats.
For the Aerobic Track, be ready to put on a show
and let the music move you! In Plyometric, we
have our first challenge. To achieve success, the
focus is going to be on the Lunge sequences
with and without arms. This will be quite the
challenging track.
Athletic Strength has one serious burn for
your legs as you work on strength, balance,
and endurance. Let your team recover with an
awesome Running track that emphasizes hip
mobility and activation. This will take you to
Agility where you get to focus on one move per
block for max results. In Intervals, let the music
do its job. Gather your team in a circle and let
the feeling come alive. As you step into the final
peak, power, embrace this nostalgic track and
let your members get pumped up! The working
portions of the track as well as the Mixed Training
options will allow you to cater to everyone.
Have an amazing time with this release and thank
you for spreading the #bodyattacklove like you
always do. You are the reason for our success


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