BODY ATTACK 108 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 22, 2020
BODY ATTACK 108 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q1 BODY ATTACK 108tracklist
01 Finally (Original Mix).mp3
02 Let’s Rock (Original Mix).mp3
03 Press (Melbourne Bounce Remix) [Extended Mix].mp3
04 Let the Music Take Control (Extended Mix).mp3
05 It Goes Like.mp3
06 Higher Love (Funky House Remix) [Extended Edit].mp3
07 PLAY.mp3
08 On My Way.mp3
09 Zombie (Bassjackers Extended Remix).mp3
10 Comin’ In Hotta.mp3
11 Endless Summer.mp3
EXP 05 It Goes Like.mp3
2020Q1 BODY ATTACK 108video screenshot
2020Q1 BODY ATTACK 108Choreography Booklet.pdf
It’s so good to be back home celebrating
BODYATTACK 108 with the Australian team. I
know you’re going to love this release because
it packs in all the fun and energy we love about
BODYATTACK with some new challenges to keep
your fitness growing.
The release starts off with an incredible nostalgic
feel in the Warm-Up but turns things up in Mixed
Impact. Be sure to watch out for some new
innovations and running patterns in this track!
For me, I love the fun in the Aerobic track. We
switch up the armlines to highlight the fun and
the workout. Another highlight for me is Athletic
Strength. We have such a cool rotating Lunge
and Stomp that will challenge your muscles and
balance, good luck!
As you move into the second half of the class,
enjoy the multi-directional challenges in Agility,
this is a great benefit to your members so
highlight it in your coaching. In the Interval
Track, let go, enjoy the music and the new
armline patterns – it’s not about the workout in
this track, it’s the experience. Finally, in our final
peak, Power, each round is its own challenge
so encourage your members to do what they
can, making sure they take pride in whatever
movements they can do.
With lots of Aussie love!

Program Director – Lisa Osborne
Chief Creative Officer – Dr. Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Kylie Gates
Technical Consultants – Bryce Hastings and
Andrew Newmarch
Program Coach – Dr. Dan Maroun
Production Coordinator – Hannah Moselen
Special thanks to – Dr. Dan Maroun and
Adam Bramski for trialing the release.
Special thanks to – Josh James and
Kendall Farmer for music.
Lisa Osborne (New Zealand) is Program Director
for BODYATTACK and Creative Director for
BODYSTEP. She is a former three-time world
champion and seven-time Australian aerobics
champion, who is based in Auckland.
Hussein Bosmans (Belgium) is a BODYATTACK,
Trainer, an RPM and LES MILLS GRIT Presenter,
BODYCOMBAT Instructor. He is also a boxer
in the National Belgium Boxing Team, based in
Jacqui Conder (Australia) is a BODYATTACK
Presenter/Instructor, a LES MILLS GRIT Presenter/
Coach and an RPM Instructor. She is based in
Josh Farmer (Australia) is a BODYATTACK and
Trainer/Presenter, and a BODYCOMBAT and
BODYPUMP Instructor. He is based in Adelaide.
Rachael Ayre (Australia) is a BODYATTACK and
CXWORX Trainer/Presenter, a BODYBALANCE/
BODYFLOW and BODYPUMP Instructor, and
a LES MILLS GRIT Coach. She is based in
Wollongong, Australia.
Steve Cluff (Australia) is a BODYATTACK
and BODYPUMP Trainer/Presenter and a
based in Sydney


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