GRIT 32 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 23, 2020
GRIT 32 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q1 GRIT 32tracklist
01 Gametime.mp3
02 The Hotstepper Ante.mp3
03 Rapturous.mp3
04 Vans (King Kavalier Remix)_Like That.mp3
05 Win The War.mp3
06 Skip Jump Stomp.mp3
07 Bodied.mp3
08 Us.mp3
09 Call From The Bank.mp3
10 The Come Up.mp3
2020Q1 GRIT 32video screenshot
2020Q1 GRIT 32Choreography Booklet.pdfWelcome back to another EPIC round of GRIT
Strength 32. The creative team have taken this
workout to a whole new level. The structure
of Strength and Cardio this round is called
the ‘Ladder System’. Not only is this structure
innovative, but having reps to try and hit will
also hold you accountable and get you and your
members working harder and faster than you
usually would.
As always, be super inclusive; everyone in the
class is at different levels of fitness. Encourage
members to set their own level of intensity and
achieve their personal best, whatever that is.
Tip: Make sure you learn and practise the
structures of the ladders well. ‘Say and do’ with
every countdown and ensure members are
confident with the specific ladder style before
Layer 1 cues.
Erin & the LES MILLS GRIT crew
Moderate to heavy barbell and two free
weight plates of the same size. Anyone new
to GRIT should use lighter plates first; 2.5kg is
Aim to be super inclusive and inviting. Welcome
anyone new and explain the workout and the
expectations. Always tell members at the start of
the class that this workout is for them and they
can dial up or down whatever they need to. The
bar can be switched out for the plate or body
weight at any time. A great mindset to get into at
the start of each workout is to remember to teach
to the whole team so everyone feels successful.


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