SHBAM 39 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 23, 2020
SHBAM 39 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q1 SHBAM 39tracklist
01 I Don’t Care.mp3
02 Fire in my Soul (Tom Staar Remix).mp3
03 Bounce Back.mp3
04 Rave.mp3
05 Boys.mp3
06 Get Up Offa That Thing.mp3
07 Promises.mp3
08 COPYCAT (Sofi Tukker Remix).mp3
09 Good Things Fall Apart (Tiesto’s Big Room Remix).mp3
10 We Found Love.mp3
11 Listen To Your Momma.mp3
12 Senorita.mp3
2020Q1 SHBAM 39video screenshot
2020Q1 SHBAM 39Choreography Booklet.pdfSH’BAM 39 is brought to you by the Aussies who
were among the first in the world to take this
program through the roof, and you get to enjoy
them for the whole of this release! Spanish Hips
Sánchez became a token Aussie for the week,
ha ha!
This release has plenty of funk and sass for
everyone to have some and still have some left
over! The Warm-Up sets the tone for knowing
we are in the right place, before a cheeky rump
shaker gets the cardio effect happening in Track
2. Then it’s a basketball theme which EVERYONE
can relate to that engages the class and lifts the
feeling of success. Simple and sassy for the new
SH’BAM classy

In the 45-minute class, you must always teach
the Warm Up and Cooldown. Tracks 4, 7 and
11 are the Cardio tracks so you should also
include these routines and try to mix up the
styles and feels.
• Track 5 is usually a Hips track, so aim to keep
this where the Track 5 always sits.
The remainder of the class can be up to you but
please think about the following:
• Do you have a mixture of styles? For example,
Latin, Jazz, Street.
• Is there a good mix of music? Current versus
old-school, male and female vocals etc.
• Is there a good flow to the class? For example,
you should avoid teaching three big Cardio
tracks in a row.
Think about the highs and lows, and the journey
the playlist will create. You know your participants
best and know that some classes will have a
preference for one style or genre over others; so
just use common sense when putting your playlist


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