SPRINT 19 DVD & mp3 download

By   February 23, 2020
SPRINT 19 DVD & mp3 download
2020Q1 SPRINT 19tracklist
01 Comin’ In Hot.mp3
02 Go_Tep Tep_Vishnu.mp3
03 Go_Bump Bump_5 Hand Clap.mp3
04 Siren.mp3
05 Better Now.mp3
2020Q1 SPRINT 19video screenshot
2020Q1 SPRINT 19Choreography Booklet.pdf
Sprint 19 is HIIT with a twist.
This release has four variations of the Workout
Plan – we achieve this by interchanging the Mixed
Conditioning tracks. The beauty of this innovation
is each variation delivers on the HIIT promise:
they each feel different, and they keep our bodies
No matter the variation chosen, the workout kicks
off with a fresh modern sound in the Accelerated
Warm-Up to engage our bodies – legs, lungs,
heart, ears, you name it!
From here, the Mixed Conditioning tracks build
density into our fitness through a high volume of
Work versus a low volume of Rest.
Mixed Conditioning 1 starts with 3x Power
Intervals followed by 3x Sprint/Power Intervals,
and we round it off with 2x Strength Intervals. The
duration of each Work Interval is 40 to 60 seconds
and Rest Intervals are 15 to 30 seconds. The
3x Sprint/Power Intervals are sneaky: they look
harmless on paper but bite hard on the bike.
Mixed Conditioning 2 starts with the same 3x
Power Intervals followed by 1x extended Strength
Interval, and we round it off with 4x Sprint/Power
Intervals. Much wider range in this track with Work
Intervals of 25 to 160 seconds and Rest Intervals
5 to 30 seconds. The extended Strength Interval
is for almost 3 minutes and provides us with an
opportunity as coaches to layer our delivery over
a much longer working period.
The Power Finisher is beyond comprehension.
You may want to pinch yourself!
A superb HIIT – enjoy!


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